Wordless Wednesday: Pictures from the meadow

by Yvonne on February 26, 2014 · 0 comments

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My favorite part of our country garden days was the meadow we planted with the help of Wildflower Farm. Local skeptics scoffed openly: “Oh yeah, city couple moves to the country, plants a meadow — it will never work.” Well, it was splendid, and still is.

I’m working on an AV show, adding music to still photos from the wildflower meadow. I’ll link to it when it’s finished and up on YouTube. In the meantime, enjoy the view here:

Meadow morning

My all-time favorite capture: The sun coming up at 6:30 on July 26, 2010. An image that would have been impossible before we cut down a row of evergreens

Meadow morning

A Mid-August with liatris, rudbeckia and prairie coneflower dominating

Liatris with monarch

This plant — meadow blazing star (Liatris ligulistylis) is a butterfly magnet

Meadow coneflower

The photographer’s challenge is to find focal points in all the rich chaos of flowers

Meadow grass

The meadow consists of a mixture of flowers and grasses; Indian grass (Sorghastrum nutans) here

Meadow view

The view from the road. I once asked the neighbor who scoffed about the meadow what he thought 10 years later: “Too much yellow” was his answer

Meadow with echinacea

Not all yellow: Echinacea at the meadow’s edge at the beginning of August

Read more here about the establishment of our wildflower meadow.

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